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Anonymous A asked on Oct 19, 2017 - 1 answer

Hi all,

more than once I have recieved feedback here on PL that the case performance was great until I had to give a synthesis, which is when I struggle to find three points supporting my recommendation.

Often, there is one main piece of information that I have discovered speaking in favour of or against a decision. I never manage to come up with the thrid, many times not even the second. Even trying to cover different branches of my initial tree doesnt help me in most cases (pun intended ;) )

Is there something you guys do differently/ more structured?

Also, I am not so concerned with the overall structure of my synthesis, i.e. question - recommendation - three reasons in support of it - next steps/ outlook.

Struggling most with the bolded part.

An unknown inquisitive mind =)


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Odeh replied on Oct 19, 2017

From my experience, if you have managed to solve a case successfully, then you will have gathered enough data to synthesize a recommendation that is supported by data. I wonder whether your note writing may not be as clear as it can be thus making you miss potential supporting information.

One way to solve this, is to place a marker around information that you want to use in the synthesis (eg. box or circle around it). Alternatively place it in a 1 corner of the page dedicated to your synthesis.

If you offer a more concrete example (eg. case & your synthesis) then one can be a bit more specific in identifying why you're missing the second & third data points.

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