How to build profile for MBB?

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Anonymous A asked on Feb 23, 2018

I have an admit from an M7 school and classes start this fall. I am wondering if there is anything I should do until then to build my profile. My goal is MBB. Thanks for your advice.

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replied on Feb 23, 2018
Former BCG Principal and decision round interviewer

One thing that was not mentioned explicitly: try to chair a committee of a non-profit or sit on the board of local chapter of one. That is a great leadership and influence resume line.


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replied on Feb 23, 2018
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Agree with Bruno.

1) Think of the stories that you have to demonstrate during the FIT interview: Leadership, Personal Impact, Entrepreneurial drive, etc.

2) Define what will you need to get this experience and what is available: team projects, case competitions, projects with real companies, testing some startup ideas, volunteer work, etc

3) Try to select the most impactful ones. Remember - it’s quality over quantity. Another case competition will not make you standout. Launching something, testing a startup hypothesis, achieving some real traction - this may be impressive

4) If there are internships in you school - start looking for the company in advance. Ideally you should try to get an internship in consulting since the interview process will be easier and centralized

5) Don’t forget to leave the time for prep. Networking with consulting companies, case interview prep, etc. Most of the candidates fail because they are underestimated the time and effort needed to prepare

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replied on Feb 23, 2018

Hey anonymous,

First of all, congrats on your admittance to such school. All of those are target universities for MBBs, so your chances to get an interview for them are higher.

There are several things you might want to consider to do in order to boost your CV, but I would highlight the two that I believe could me more efficient:

  • Do some projects/work around strategic/consulting topics (it might be easier or more difficult depending on what's your background and what are you currently doing professionally - you didn't tell us much about it)
  • Do some volunteer/pro bono work on areas where you can develop the skills that are really important for these firms (e.g., leadership, lasting impact, motivating others, etc)



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Former BCG Principal and decision round interviewer
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