How is it like to work at Roland Berger?

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Anonymous A asked on Sep 24, 2018

Hi RB!

Compared to other consultancies, how is it like to work at Roland Berger?

I find that Roland Berger is a particularly unique consultancy, especially with the person Roland Berger being very involved and represented in a lot of press and media.

In what way does that influence the work at the company?

Curious to find out! Answers are highly appreciated, so thank you in advance!

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Aakriti replied on Oct 01, 2018
Senior Consultant


Thank you for your question. What impacts our work most are our corporate values Enterpreneurship, Excellence and Empathy. These shape our daily work and ensure we meet the quality we promise to our clients. To me personally, what makes Roland Berger a great place to work are the following 3 reasons:

- The high density of intellectually complex questions to solve,
- The constant opportunity to take ownership and lead change and
- The engaging work environment surrounded by smart and driven people.


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