How does the interviewer determine if someone is good enough in terms of fit?

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asked on Oct 03, 2018

What are the most important traits you look out for, apart from the typical case interviews? Any tips on how to appear more suitable for the role?

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Yves replied on Oct 04, 2018

Dear Ernest,

thanks for your question.

You shouldn't try to appear more suitable because the whole interview process isn't a one-way street. It is also for you to find out whether this job and the team fits to you, so just be yourself. Nevertheless, being aware of your own strenghts and weaknesses, appearance and attitude definitely helps.

We generally look for down-to-earth team players because if you join us, we'll end up spending quite some time together on projects. And like always in life, there's people you get along with more easily than with others. Having said that, the personal fit is somehow about finding out whether you enjoy spending time with the person you are interviewing.


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