How does the Analytical Test look like at Roland Berger? similar to GMAT, PST, SHL or any other form?

Anonymous A asked on Oct 01, 2018 - 1 answer
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Anonymous replied on Oct 02, 2018

Dear User,

thank you for your question.

It's a "GMAT-style" reasoning test with multiple choice answers and you are not allowed to use a calculator. The test is divided into three sections: verbal, numerical and figural.



Hi Yves, is the figural part made up of complex patterns (e.g. Which pattern comes next?) or is it more like a graph interpretation with multiple choice answers (e.g. Which of these answers can be concluded from the graph?) Best regards, Lukas. — Lukas on Oct 12, 2018

Also, what is the time restriction and how many questions are there in total? — Lukas on Oct 12, 2018

Hi Lukas, the time restriction is 90 minutes and the style of the figural part is more of a "which pattern comes next". Best, Yves — Anonymous on Oct 16, 2018