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How does the Analytical Test look like at Roland Berger? similar to GMAT, PST, SHL or any other form?

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Recent activity on Oct 02, 2018
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Anonymous A asked on Oct 01, 2018


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Yves replied on Oct 02, 2018

Dear User,

thank you for your question.

It's a "GMAT-style" reasoning test with multiple choice answers and you are not allowed to use a calculator. The test is divided into three sections: verbal, numerical and figural.



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Lukas on Oct 12, 2018

Hi Yves, is the figural part made up of complex patterns (e.g. Which pattern comes next?) or is it more like a graph interpretation with multiple choice answers (e.g. Which of these answers can be concluded from the graph?) Best regards, Lukas.

Lukas on Oct 12, 2018

Also, what is the time restriction and how many questions are there in total?

Yves on Oct 16, 2018

Hi Lukas, the time restriction is 90 minutes and the style of the figural part is more of a "which pattern comes next". Best, Yves