How could I best prepare for McKinsey verbal and numerical reasoning test?

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Anonymous A asked on Sep 07, 2018

Also, do you suggest taking the test within the first few days of receiving it although I have a week for it? I am unsure if they would prefer candidates doing it as soon as they get it.

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replied on Sep 07, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

the McKinsey SHL test is normally divided in two areas:

  • Verbal: 30 questions, 19 minutes to solve them. This is designed to assess logical, verbal and comprehension skills.
  • Numerical: 18 questions, 25 minute to solve them. This is designed to assess your analytical and graph interpretation skills

How to prepare for McKinsey's verbal and numerical reasoning test

Some countries have different time/questions so you should clarify with HR the numbers below to prepare accordingly.

The best way to prepare is to (i) practice on several tests, (ii) understand why you are making mistakes on a particular area and (iii) work to improve that particular part. Below you can find a free simulation, on graduatemonkey and jobtestprep sites you should also be able to find additional resources.

In terms of timeline, there is no penalty in doing the test later if it is within the deadline. You can thus complete it towards the end of the assigned week if that fits better with your preparation.



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James on Sep 08, 2018

Can we do the verbal test one day, and the numerical the next? Or does it have to be completed together in one sitting?

Anonymous replied on Jul 11, 2017
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