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How competitive is Deloitte compared to MBB?

Anonymous A asked on Mar 22, 2017 - 3 answers
3 answers

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replied on Mar 23, 2017
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I will try to go straight to the point, Deloitte as the other firms which are mainly focus on audit and advisory (EY, KPMG, PWC), sometimes and in some offices have excellent consulting divisions, however on average MBB have to be better otherwise they would not justify on the market the huge gap of their fees.

replied on Mar 31, 2017
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Depending on your objective:

If you mean winning the projects - there is no definite answer:

  1. In terms of pricing they operate in lower segment. Is it competitive or not? May be the case, since many clients are price sensitive. It will be especially the case in declining economy. Also Delloite gets lots of clients from audit business
  2. On the other hand MBB have stronger brand and clients are ready to pay for this brand

If you mean quality - MBB is better unless you don;t work with ex-mbb partners in Delloite

If you mean competitive for resume - MBB is definitely better

If you mean internal competition within the company among employees - There is no competition in any of these companies unless you are on the pre-partner level

Anonymous B replied on Nov 01, 2017

In my experience, the big 4 tend to offer consulting services on a more operational, less strategic level. Usually they combine their expertise in other areas (IT, finance, transfer pricing, etc.) with consulting services in order to be better positioned for offerings.

They operate on a lower price level than MBB and the strategy consulting capabilities are very dependant on the country, office or team.

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