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Anonymous A asked on Sep 06, 2016

Hello! I am planning to apply to Horváth & Partners and I was wondering if you had any experiences with them. If you worked (or you're working there) or if you applied for a job/intership, how was it?

Thank you!

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Anonymous C replied on Sep 08, 2016

I am within my last weeks as an intern at H&P. I had to pass only 1 round in order to get this position.

1. Introduction of H&P

2. Introduction of myself (including CV and motivation)

3. Case: Estimate the economic loss that smokers cause within a year.

Being self-critical, I did not manage to solve the case flawlessly since mental math is not my strongest skill. Nevertheless, I got the job, because the interviewers liked the way I structured and tackled the issue. But they do also check your presentation skills. So try to exude confidence and sovereignty. All in all, there is reason for being afraig or nervous. The consultants at H&P are all very kind and helpful.

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Anonymous replied on Sep 12, 2016


I did an internship with them, was in their "former interns we'd like to hire later on"-program and wrote my diploma thesis with them. I ended up not working for them, but not because I did not like the company....

Mind you, this was about 10 years ago, so some of this may not be accurate anymore, but from what I heard from people I still know there, most should hold true.

I also had to pass only one round of interviews, which included a case (don't remember exactly, but it was quantitative) and draw single slide by which I was supposed to explain a topic which I could choose from a list of topics.

More general feedback about the firm: H&P really knows there stuff when it comes to Controlling, Management Accounting and related fields. I mean REALLY. It is no accident that Prof. Horváth, the founder, literally wrote the book on Controlling in Germany.

Culturewise it's a somewhat less "classic consultants" than you'd find at McK or Bain. I guess this comes with the fact that H&P consultants are often times a lot closer to a company's operations than some other firms. But people are great and very helpful and there is also a good camaraderie between the interns. One more thing: the different compentence centers are a lot more independent than in other firms - so more like multiple consulting firms under one roof. Once you are in one CC, you tend to more or less always be in that one. Of course this is more true for some than for others, but in general this is the case.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and can recommend the company to anyone who is not afraid of numbers, Excel and finance.

Have fun there!

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Anonymous B replied on Sep 06, 2016

YES, good question! And do you have any hints concerning the cases H&P like to issue usually? Thank You!

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