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Regarding Roland Berger aptitude test, nailing numerical and logical but average on verbal

Someone asked on Mar 26, 2019 - 1 answer

Hi, does anyone know if I would make it to the interview process if I am on average on verbal but pretty good at numerical and logical?

Thanks a lot


replied on Apr 05, 2019
McK Associate | Coached 80+ MBB candidates | INSEAD MBA & CDI MBA

You will make it!

Actually, nobody can tell you that:

  1. Rarely (never) there is an in or out algorithm that decides, and this is true for all those jobs in which the human dimension is relevant (for consulting, this is the case);
  2. Even for the first round interviews, the recruiters evaluate your overall performance: the tests (aptitude, numerical and logical) are only small fractions of the dimensions that they take in considerations to decide to call you for the next round

This is why I always suggest to my mentee to take into consideration all the points of contact they have with the Company they are applying to (e.g., the email communication, the tone of voice, the interaction with the people on site, etc.)