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Hello, Is there any age limit for applying consultant / associate level positions at MBB?

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Rajik asked on May 03, 2018
Looking for solid partners for McK PST, BCG PT preparation

I am a Scientist by profession and currently running my own company (co-founder). To be frank, I was not aware of "Consultant" jobs until a few years back. When I heard about it, I really fell in love with that due to the challenges, scope and the exposure it offers. I am planning to break into consulting career in a year or two, once I successfully exit from my current venture (hoping for an IPO or merger). Well, my questions is, in another two years time I will be 38. Does this age going to be a barrier in my applications? and also I heard a lot that it would be difficult to get an interview at MBB for an experienced candidate as generally these companies hire directely from premium B-schools. Is there any advice on maximizing my chances of getting an interview other than networking? Your time and help would be very much appreciated..

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updated an answer on May 03, 2018
Former BCG interviewer

As other stated, no age limit as you can be hired as a “lateral” in very senior positions. If you co-founded a company and company will be IPOed then I think the level of entry will be partner or it’s equivalent in the expert track, definitely not post-MBA role (e.g. consultant). To be considered for a partner role you need to demonstrate that you have wide and deep business connections that you can use as a client base or that you have significant topic/function/industry expertise that you can leverage to sell projects to current clients in partnership with other partners. Usual way to get consider for a lateral entry at this level is through headhunter or direct partner connection.

Hope it helps



Rajik on May 03, 2018

Thanks Andrea..

Rajik on May 04, 2018

Very useful piece of info Andrea.. based on your answer and from quick search in the internet, it seems like the job scope of a partner is more towards getting client for business than solving the problems of a client.. Am I correct? If that's the case, I don't think so I would enjoy a partner role.. do you think its quite difficult for me to entering into the latter role?

Anonymous C replied on May 03, 2018


it sounds like you should apply for an experienced hire role in your companies area eg pharma, health, science etc.

although there is no official limit, MBB most definitely like younger people for their roles and those either at school or just out of B school.

Firms generally assess candidates at their capacity level, so if you’re 38 you should have done ALOT compared to someone at B school who has already exited a start up (not uncommon).

this is why you should play to your strengths and try to advise in areas where you have deep knowledge.

chat to HR if you can and they will guide you, too.