Hello, does anyone know how to prepare for the computer test at the BCG Paris office? How can you get quicker?

Felix asked on Aug 10, 2019 - 2 answers


The Paris office at BCG has a 45 min online test done in their first round interview, I was wondering how to prepare for it, since i struggled with the sample test provided on their website. Here is the link to the test: http://media-publications.bcg.com/france/Preparation-Etude-De-Cas-En-Ligne-2019.pdf.

I know this question is very specific, but I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you!

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Jenny replied on Aug 11, 2019

Hi Felix,

I did the test a couple of weeks ago in Germany. The case example is comparable to the one you will receive on the actual interview day. While I prepared I checked which questions were the hardest / easiest for me. Based on this knowledge I answered the questions on the online test and did not answer the difficult ones since you will get a reduction of -1 for each wrong answer.
I guess you should make your own 'personal' strategy. I did not answer all question in the online test and still got to the final round.

All the best

Hi Jenny, can you please tell a little bit more about the german version. What was the main topic and calculations (market contribution etc.)?! Thanks. — J on Aug 11, 2019 (edited)

Thank you Jenny for your help! I greatly appreciate it. — Felix on Aug 11, 2019

Vlad replied on Aug 11, 2019
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I have uploaded both test samples here (Online test is about airlines). I've also added BCG written case sample (Next round) and Bain written case:


(message me for a password)

As for particular recommendations for online test:

  1. Try to find as many people in your country as you can who have done the test. Ask them for the topic, industry, and questions they remember. For example in one of the countries there was a test about airlines and reading a couple of articles / company reports / wikipedia articles with industry terms could significantly improve performance
  2. Try to practice tests with strict time-management. McKinsey PST from the official web site and all mck and bcg -like tests you can find online
  3. Additional resources can be GMAT Integrated reasoning from the official guides and apps if you feel that you are not p[erforming well
  4. As far as I remember calculator is allowed on BCG test. Make sure you know how to simplify calculations and use it fast


Hi Vlad, thank you very much for your tips, they are very practical and helpful. Would you mind to share the password with me? I am relatively new to Preplounge and i could not send you a private message. Best, — Felix on Aug 13, 2019

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