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Hello, can you provide more information regarding Oliver Wyman recruitment process? More specific about the numerical reasoning test. Is it like Bain test (GMAT and case)?

Carmem Starling Tafuri asked on Aug 02, 2018 - 3 answers
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Anonymous replied on Aug 02, 2018


I would argue that the Oliver Wyman numerical and verbal reasoning tests are some of the hardest out there - both in terms of difficulty and time pressure (based on my experience from the recruitment process for the London office).

It's also worth noting that the style of the OW tests differs significantly compared to other companies (particularly the numerical reasoning test). The best examples I've seen online of typical questions can be seen here:

Several questions very similar to those shown in the link above came up during my assessment, so do make sure to complete and understand each question as part of your preparation - just in case!

Hope that helps and good luck.



More examples can be found here: — Anonymous on Aug 02, 2018 (edited)

Hello Harri, thank you for the help! Is the verbal and numerical reasoning test at the same day? Or is the verbal test the next step of the process? Thank you! — Carmem Starling Tafuri on Aug 03, 2018 (edited)

Leon replied on Aug 06, 2018


As far as I know the numerical reasoning test at OW is quite sophisticated as it is only focused on maths. It's about 30 maths questions and you have about 20 minutes time.

to prepare you should revise topics like general algebra, probability, geometry. As already mentioned it might indeed be very helpful to go through GMAT practice tests you can find for free on the internet (unfortunately I haven't found any practice tests on OW in particular).

the good thing is that you can use a calculator but you will still have trouble due to the time pressure, as with other online tests. so practice practice practice ;)

Good luck!

replied on Aug 02, 2018
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  1. It's similar to GMAT Math Problem Solving part and covers the same topics. The best way is to go through GMAT Official Guide, concentrating on Math Part. Manhattan guide will give you the right math theory and topics. Also, you can purchase an official GMAT tool that will simulate the right experience.
  2. The key thing - do all the GMAT tests with a time limit, similar to the real GMAT. You'll have 2/3 of a minute per question in the real test. Time management is the key.
  3. You'll have less than a minute per question and wrong answers will decrease your score, thus don't hesitate to skip some.
  4. You can use a calculator


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