Healthcare in the Middle East

Laura asked on Apr 10, 2019 - 2 answers

Dear all,

I would like to understand which companies have a strong Healthcare practice in the GCC (KSA & UAE mainly). Does anyone have any kind of insight on this?


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Nada replied on Apr 10, 2019

Hello Laura,

By healthcare practice do you mean hospitals? private or public? or do you mean health insurances?

Hi Nada, thanks for your question. No, the insurance sector is completely different. I meant the health provisioning sector (hospitals - both, public & private, health authorities, etc.) — Laura on Apr 11, 2019

Well it's mainly controlled and supervised by the ministry of health. All finances of public hospitals are provided by MoH. — Nada on Apr 11, 2019

Well, I was referring to consulting companies having a strong practice in this field, of course, and not the providers themselves. But thanks anyway Nada. — Laura on Apr 11, 2019

Anonymous A replied on Jun 05, 2019


I worked at a boutique in UAE with a strong (one of the best?) practice in healthcare. I have seen mainly McKinsey in all meetings/email exchanges for CXO and public clients. Big4 are quite noticeable as well but not as strong.