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First Weeks on the job - what to expect?

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Anonymous B asked on Jan 19, 2017

Hey folks,

What can I expect from my first weeks or months as a Consulting analyst at a big consulting firm, right after my bachelor studies? What kind of tasks will I get at the beginning (since I dont have much work experience) and what should I consider to make a good impression and help me progress quickly? Any help would be great! Cheers!

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Anonymous replied on Jan 19, 2017

As with many answers you'll find in consulting, it depends.

Your consultant or manager will likely want to test the waters in order to gauge your personality, ability to learn, flexibility, and intellectual prowess, focusing on qualitative abilities before your quantitative abilities.

Generally, you can expect to spend a fair amount of time working in PowerPoint to refine slides to the style of your firm. You'll get a lot of feedback on how to tell a coherent, tight story. How you react and adapt to the feedback will lend toward executing on executing and effectively communicating findings from primary (conducting interviews) and secondary research (pulling data and other information). The last piece is often modeling or other quantitative analysis (forecasting, market sizing, etc.).

Again, it will largely depend on your firm and you as it relates to your case needs.

Anonymous L replied on Jan 24, 2017

At the beginning you will do a lot of data collection, prepare the data, and presentations, presentations, presentations. You will master ppt and excel ;)