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Anonymous A asked on Mar 07, 2019

I went to a consulting event a few months ago, where the feedback I got was that I needed to speak up more in large groups. Since then I have practiced that every second week in a group of 10 at school, working with the aim of making our study program better. Now I have an interview with that company, and am planning to mention their feedback system when they ask me "why company x?". However, I am afraid they will ask about the feedback I got from the event, and that the effort I have taken have not been enough? Should I?

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replied on Mar 07, 2019
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I think it's good if you can listen to feedback and improve. So I don't see any problem here


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replied on Mar 07, 2019
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I too think this is the kind of good feedback. Not everyone is outgoing, and a consultant who listens a lot is a good consultant. The beauty of this feedback also is, you will be able to work on it all your life / for the foreseeable future.

Look - they still invited you for an interview, didn't they? You are in a good spot!

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