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Anonymous A asked on Apr 10, 2021

I've been invited to a set of interviews for an expert associate partner position at one of the MBB firms. I'd appreciate hearing about experiences with interviews at this level and in particular how they differ from the more common associate/consultant level interviews. Thanks!


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Hi there,

I helped a few candidates for similar positions.

With McKinsey (Energy practice):

  • Cases in 3 out of 4 of the interviews
  • Standard PEI
  • Questions on leadership, creativity and motivation for joining

With BCG (Digital and Financial Services practices):

  • Cases in 1 out of 5 of the interviews only, and high level (eg how would you organize a proposal for XYZ)
  • Questions on how to organize growth for the new division

Some standard questions/topics you may expect are:

  • Motivation for shifting from your current position/career path
  • Examples of leading team/managing new divisions
  • Example of managing difficult clients/stakeholders
  • Sales experiences/customers you may bring
  • Industry knowledge/experience in your area of specialization

Your interviewers will normally be principals or partners only.

If you need more help please PM me.



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Hi there,

This is great - well done.

In general, you should expect a much more fluid/dynamic conversation. It's unlikely you'll actually be given a case (though check with HR).

The questions in the interview will really drill down into a) Your expertise b) Your thinking ability and c) Your communication

The way I normally prepare senior-level hires is by working through brainstorming questions and reviewing answers. This is both stand-alone brainstorming questions and related/sequential questions that build off of your answers.

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