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EU has population of about 450m, how did count Europe with 750m?

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New answer on Jun 27, 2021
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Nina asked on Jun 18, 2021

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replied on Jun 18, 2021
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Hi Nina,

It's absolutely critical that you improve your knowledge of the world (geography, world events, etc.).

The EU is not Europe. The EU is a group of European countries (27 to be exact). Europe has many more. 

Importantly, 2 of the largest countries in Europe (the 1st and 3rd largest I believe), Russia and Turkey, are not in the EU.

As such, EU has a population of 450m and Europe has a population of 750m

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Anonymous A on Jun 18, 2021

ouch - but you should also get your facts straight :) - russia is in the top5, turkey barely makes it to the top10 lol... DE UK FR IT are considerably larger

Ian on Jun 19, 2021

With all due respect that's actually not true! Ironic you're asking me to get my facts straight! Turkey is 82M...France is 62M, Italy 60M, UK is 66M. DE beats Turkey by 1M, hence why I said Turkey = #3. Not only do I know these numbers by heart but a quick google is all it takes. Russia is easily #1 in Europe at 144M. Please stop spreading mis-information!


Benedikt on Sep 07, 2021

To be honest, if you really want to apply demographic and geographic knowledge about the world, do not use Turkey and Russia as European countries. Although their markets in the densely populated and wealthier Western parts are strong, the total population (of which most is part of Asia) clearly distort the stats.

Anonymous replied on Jun 27, 2021

Not sure about the context, but you're probably looking at a misunderstanding between EU and Europe.

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