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Does any one have a couple of Monitor Written Cases ?

Anonymous B asked on Mar 02, 2018 - 1 answer

Other than "Footloose" obviously.


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Anonymous C replied on Mar 06, 2018

Hey Anonymous,

The only example available is Footloose and it's important that you work through it because it is a good representative of the style of case they actually give.

There is usually a quant question with estimation. Make sure you get this question right! you need to choose a logical number for the estimation and have strong arguments to support it. You can say that what you are calculating is a conservative assumption but the number is actually larger or vice versa.

The other questions are usually qualitative. You might not have time to answer all of them but the point is to discuss these with your interviewer. Try to have a basic structure for the answer wuth some analysis and then you can conduct a deeper analysis with your interviewer. Do not hesitate to turn your paper, walk through the interviewer through your structure and your approach and then discuss.

It is very important to read all the footnotes as they contain important information.

Good luck!

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