Will McKinsey HRs know interview result?

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Anonymous A asked on Dec 18, 2019

Hi guys I had my first round interview with McKinsey last Friday. Both interviewers said one of them would call me to tell result and share feedback.

It's Wednesday and I still haven't heard back from them. I called 2 HRs, both of them said interviewer would call me. I asked HRs if they knew the outcome, they said they didn't know / didn't have visibility.

my assumption is that HRs normally know the interview outcome, if they said they didn't know, probably not a good sign and they simply want to leave it to interviewers to deal with the disappointment.

so my question is if HR know interview outcome and if I haven't heard anything for 3 days if it's a negative sign.



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Hi there,

I guess it also depends which HR you called. If they are not the specific recruiting HR in charge of your recruiting, there is a good chance they might not know. And I believe it is the usual practice for interviewers to convey the result rather than HR (that's my experience with multiple consulting firms).



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Anonymous A on Dec 18, 2019
I called both recruiting HRs.
Anonymous A on Dec 18, 2019
I called both recruiting HRs.


I see your point but the fact that they are late does not imply that your performance was not okay. HR would have told you without any problem that they had a negative feedback, probably they just didn't have the time to complete your valuation.

Good luck!

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it's not a clear signal of unsucces. Maybe interviewer is finishing to complete the benchmaerk and your structured feedback to leave to HR. Do you have the name of th interviewer? You can even text him (email are always the same name_surname at mckinsey.com), thanking him fro the time on Friday and asking for feedback. Otherwise, the only thing to do is wait for him and - eventually - call HR back tomorrow afternoon or monday morning.


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If HR tells you they don't know, then they don't! Just relax – the answer will come, the delay doesn't mean anything – delay is just a delay.

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No, you are overthinking and overcomlicating things. It can be that your interviewers do not have time to catch up together to dicsuss; or your interviewers do not have time to communicate to HR; or your interviewers do not have time to communicate it to you. Please keep calm and wait for the results


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Indeed, the usual thing is that the happy news are communicated by one of the consultants who interviewed you. I could be that this person has been very crunched -the last weeks of the year are terrible- and has not had the time to call you. Could be also that he/she is on a different timezone and this makes it particularly difficult.

Wheter HR knows or not, is not relevant, since unfortunately, they will tell you to wait for that call.

Hope it turns out to be good news!



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