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Do BCG Gamma consultants transfer into the generalist track?

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BCG "generalist" consultants sometimes transfer into BCG gamma and work as data scientist consultants. But is the opposite true? How common is it for BCG gamma data scientist to become a BCG "generalist" consultant? Is there a career path for such a scenario?


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Vlad replied on 07/20/2018
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I believe nobody has the statistics, but overall the transitions from / to generalist tracks are extremely rare whether it is the research / Gamma or any other department. Unfortunately, there is no official career path to do so and all those transitions happen mainly as a result of networking and being a top performer (partners providing you with the solid recommendations based on your continuous performance).

I believe it is much easier to get a job offer for a generalist from the scratch and not rely on the long-term career shifts.



Julien replied on 08/10/2018


Gamma is relatively young, it is too early to have valuable transfer statistics. I know a few generalists who have transferred to Gamma, at the PL level most of the times. The other way around is rare and not encouraged as we lack Gamma consultants more than generalist ones.

Generalists and Gammas are all consultants (same career track, same pay) and work together in mixed case teams but they are focused on different aspects of the case. Therefore, they tend to develop different skills over time.



Julien replied on 08/10/2018


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