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Difficulty of Alvarez & Marsal Cases

Alvarez & Marsal
New answer on Jun 19, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Jun 17, 2020

How difficult are the cases for an entry-level full-time analyst (undergrad) interview with Alvarez & Marsal?

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replied on Jun 17, 2020
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Hi there,

I haven't heard of them being particularly easy nor particularly challenging.

However, try not to think like this (what's the point?)....just prepare as best you can for the hardest cases possible...right?

In terms of their cases, make sure you study the relevant material (i.e. what they're known for)!

Here's a list to start you with:[]=1&topic[]=17&topic[]=4&topic[]=19&sort=real-case-desc&page=1&perPage=20

You should search for cases that are along the below lines.

Case Type

  • Re-org
  • M&A
  • PE
  • Valuation
  • Risk
  • Process improvement


  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • TMT
  • Retail
  • Capital projects + Infrastructure
  • NGO / Public sector
  • Pharma
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Consumer products
  • Real estate
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replied on Jun 17, 2020
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I found that they were in the standard difficulty, mostly interveiwee-led and with no charts orany special data to analyze. Some of them had a heavy quantitative part but if you are well prepared, you can definitely ace them.

Please note that the difficulty of a case varies from an interviewer to another one. Some interviewers are known for giving challenging cases...

Do not hesitate to reach out, should you need further details about interviewing for A&M.

All the best,


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replied on Jun 17, 2020
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I have had interviews with A&M in Dubai and cases difficulty is in the average. The only big difference was a "practical case": I was asked to get information and data interviewing people in Dubai between 2 case interviews and then to syntesize my results and takeaways in a ppt to be presented to Managing Director.
Feel free to write me for more information.


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Anonymous replied on Jun 19, 2020


The difficulty of the cases themselves depends on the interviewer and there is no reason to expect something simpler and harder. The bar is certainly a little bit lower than in MBB but the expectations are still very high. It is therefore necessary to prepare as for any interview :) And do not forget the fit !!


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Ian gave the best answer


Content Creator
#1 BCG coach | MBB | Tier 2 | Digital, Tech, Platinion | 100% personal success rate (8/8) | 95% candidate success rate
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