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Anonymous A asked on Aug 06, 2022

In the middle east, what are the main differences between Delta and MBB? 

Are they competing for the same projects pool? Do they have similar work life balance? Similar project destination (thus similar travel destination)? 


I'm asking this specifically because I heard unverified information that Delta (in Dubai) do a lot of private sector projects and typically expand their work out of the region, reaching Europe, as opposed to MBB, whose projects are nearly all focused on public sector in the region. Is this actually true?

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replied on Aug 07, 2022
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Hey there , 

Delta partners is a boutique consultancy focused on TMT specifically telecom industry and has built a good reputation in some markets like the Middle East . For telecom projects they compete with MBBs and sometimes are preferred by clients because of the niche focus they bring. 

They don’t have presence in other sectors , and their geographic spread is also limited compared to MBB. 


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replied on Aug 07, 2022
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Hi there,

The main difference is certainly going to be ranking. My understanding is Delta doesn't even crack the top 15 of consultancies (seems to be around top 20). So, that plays a big role.

In terms of specific projects, I honestly don't know, but this is exactly where networking comes in! Reach out to people at the firm and have conversations with them! You can better understand the firm and potentially even get a referral. Win-win!

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