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Simon-Kucher Case: GST Cruise Company
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Jann asked on Apr 25, 2022

Hi there,

concerning the customer survey:

Does the graphic not imply, that we meet customer demands in the dark area of the illustration, we over perform below the dark area and we under perform above the dark area?

Wouldn't this mean that the points to consider are 1,3,4 and 7 instead of 7, 4 6 and 9? Would furthermore the over performance in sustainability and the under performance in pricing imply that something has to be done about this discrepancy, even if it is just to make customers more aware of this feature?

concerning the customer segments:

since the revenue is only in part due to ticket sales, but also related to the excursions and on board luxury services, how can a rationale decision about the total revenue be made without any comparable data on the customer's spending behavior on board?


Best regards

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updated an answer on Apr 26, 2022
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Hi Jann,

That is incorrect.

Be careful reading a chart how you assume it should be!

Rather, read the labels.

The x-axis clearly indicates our performance. So, as we move to the right, we perform better (2 and 9 is where we perform best). I.e. we overperform on the right side of the chart and we underperform on the left side.

You've also just decided to not read this case!  7, 4 6 and 9 are NOT what we need to consider. The case clearly states we don't care about 5 and 6 because customers don't care about it. 

I also don't see where the case says 9 (sustainability) matters…we're good at it but it's not important to customers.

4 and 7 are important because we don't perform well there AND customers care about it.

1 and 3 we already perform well in. Sure, we could do a bit better, but they're not the major focus.

Make sense?


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Jann on Apr 26, 2022

Hey Ian, sorry i think i got some of the numbers wrong. In the case solution the competitive disadvantages of 4 5 6 and 7 are mentioned, and 5 and 6 are disregarded because customers don't care about it so much, i get that and it makes sense to me. However, instead of looking at the competitive disadvantage my approach would be to see look at where our performance does not match customer expectations, that would be numbers 7 4 and 1 and 3. Because even though we may be better than average at numbers 1 and 3, it seems like were are not as much better as these points are valued by our customers. Concerning number 9 the sustainability, my idea was, that being sustainable almost always costs money, otherwise there is no reason not be sustainable. Since number 7 indicates, that our ticket prices seem to be high with respect to our competitors who are less sustainable and customers don't care about that, being less sustainable might allow for lower, more competitive ticket pricing.

Ian gave the best answer


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