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Corelation of Interviewer's background with the industry of the phone round case

Anonymous A

Hi Experts,

Is there a corelation between the industry experience of interviewer with the type of case he/she would give in McK phone round ? I mostly experienced cases from the interviewer's specific industry. was it a coincidence or that's how it happens ?

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Vlad replied on 04/07/2018
McKinsey / Accenture / Got all BIG3 offers / More than 300 real MBB cases / Harvard Business School


First of all - not all the phone rounds are with consultants and have a case. It may be just a phone screening with HR. So make sure you prepared your Fit Stories.


  • Earlier rounds - low correlation, cases mainly from the company casebook
  • Later rounds - high correlation since partners have their own cases. Although be careful since partners may have expertise in multiple industries


Francesco replied on 04/07/2018
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Hi Anonymous,

based on my experience:

  • Low correlation in first rounds – also due to the fact that specialization for Engagement managers is not as strong as for Partners
  • High correlation in final rounds – at this stage you may not even get a complete “formal” case but just be asked about your thoughts on a specific element of the partner’s industry or on one of the most recent cases of the partner



replied on 04/07/2018
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Agreed with very low correlation for screening/first round and higher for final rounds.

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replied on 04/07/2018


Yes, there seems to be a correlation (but not perfect! now so many people who use cases from industries they never worked in!). Besides, from my experience this correlation tens to be even higher at partner/2nd round level.

There's two main reasons to support this: first, the interviewers will be more at ease with the industry and can cope with any direction candidates may lead the case to; second, some of the cases are personally-drafted based on their own past projects.



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