Confused between 2 offers - Paris boutique vs Dubai big 4

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Anonymous A asked on Apr 27, 2022

Hello everyone,

I got an offer from Monitor Deloitte Dubai office (consultant position - entry level) and from a boutique life sciences consulting firm as an entry level associate consultant (Bionest Partners) in Paris.  I am confused what should I go for? Should I give weight to location or brand? Should I specialise this early? Easier to move to US with Monitor Deloitte Dubai or Bionest (which works with US clients)?

About me:

  • Been in France for 4 years
  • Graduated from a top B-School in France (ESSEC) with a Grande Ecole degree
  • B2 level in French, most of the top consulting firms require fluent french
  • Prior work experience in healthcare through internships at Sanofi and Doctolib (French health tech startup)
  • Eligible for EU passport in 6 months, which implies I will have to stay in France for 1 ½ years more (I have an Indian passport)

For my career ambitions: 

  • I want to pursue a long term career in strategy consulting possibly at MBB - not necessarily life sciences, but I like the industry
  • Settle in US (family reasons)




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replied on Apr 28, 2022
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Hi - 

I agree with Ian that the decision is yours. Being an Indian passport holder I can give you a bit of perspective from that angle as well. 

First thing - If I were you, I would think through prioritising the goals that you want. The way I read it is that moving to the US in the mid to long term is crucial and then a strategy consulting career is a close second. 

Thinking about moving to the US, a French passport is not a huge help, however, better than an Indian passport in the H1B lottery. 

Keeping that in mind, the best way to move to the US would be to move through an internal transfer on an L1 visa and then apply for the lottery every year till you eventually get an H1B. By that logic, if I were you, I would take the job at Deloitte. Spend a year there and then move to the US on the L1 visa. Deloitte also has a huge strategy consulting practice in the US and you would be able to kill two birds with one stone. 

I would be deloitted to give you a free consultation and talk through your decision if you like. ;)

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replied on Apr 28, 2022
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Hi there,

I'm really sorry, but we can't tell you what to prioritize! 

This is your life - you know you best. Some people on a Q&A who have never met you are ill-placed to tell you what you should care about!

Ultimately, you need to pick the 2 or 3 things that matter most to you (prestige, working for MBB, living in Seattle, doing generalist vs. life sciences, pay, etc.). You also need to determine your threshold for short-term pain for long-term gain.

Simplify your decision.

If your goal is MBB and career progression, Deloitte will likely help you more than a boutique. If you want to Settle in the US, neither Paris nor Dubai are going to be substantial more or less helpful.

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replied on Apr 27, 2022
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The most important consideration is what you want to do in the longer term. 

For what you mention in the message, MBB and international mobility to go back to the states, I would go with the Big4, as a trampoline to MBB. 

Hope it helps!



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updated an answer on Apr 30, 2022
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Hi there,

agree with other coaches - think about which of the 2 ambitions matters more to you and then back-solve accordingly. I'll add thought, that once you get into MBB - global mobility, can be fairly high, so you may want to consider prioritizing that.

If the case, then Monitor Deloitte will more likely get you into MBB - brand is better and the firm is known to be a feeder into top tier consulting firms. As simple as that.

Hope this helps. Wish you good luck!

Cheers, Andi


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Eishan gave the best answer


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