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Anonymous A asked on Mar 04, 2021

Hi All,

Today I was asked to prepare a case study, to identify the challenges and propose a short and long term action plan.

Soft has been the world's leading software company for the last 30 years. In the past, it has been the most sought after employers in the world. Recently the company has seen a sizable no. of talents leave for other firms and even start-ups. Mostly application developers and top executives are seen leaving.

Challenges: Newer firms have a innovative culture, there is no proper performance management system, conducts virtual trainings but no proper structured approach, package offered is low when compared to competetors, office culture is red tape and traditional, executives have dissatisfaction in their teams, developers do not get time to learn additional skills, and employees generally think there is no career path.

Objectives/requirements: To identify the top three challenges faced by the Client and to provide short and long term recommendations.

My analysis as follows:

Top 3 Challenges identified are as follows:

1. Culture of the firm is traditional and red tape 2. No proper structure maintained in Skill transfer 3. Poor performance management system

Short-Term Recommendations ( 6 months)

1. Develop a proper training plan for the employees, once the trainings are completed conduct assessments in order to test the knowledge gained from the trainings.

2. Implement innovative thinking and encourage freedom and flexibility while on work.

3. Increase employee engagement activities, have a quarterly feedback session with the employees and initiate employee feedback surveys.

Long-Term Recommendations ( 2 years)

1. Sustain a structured approach in trainings so that every employee should know little of everything. A mixture of online and in-person trainings can be followed as per the convenience.

2. Inclusiveness and innovation should be carried out throughout the firm so that employees feel there work is valued.

3. Employee engagement activities should be interactive and should be conducted on timely basis so that it increases team spirit and social relationships

I did this analysis, Can someone tell what are the possible questions that could be asked by the interviewer from this scenario. And is there anything I need to add in this?


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replied on Mar 04, 2021
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So broadly, you are correct and indentified the right things. But keywords are missing: Talent Strategy, Workforce of the Future, Digital, Gamification of L&D etc.

Problems/Challenges are:

  • Lack of a Talent Strategy for workforce of the future- skills assessment, hiring plan, training & development (gamified experience), promotions
  • Poor onboarding & retention process
  • Culture seen as non-progressive

For recommendations, cover the above points and also talk about doing some benchmarking in short-term (retention, open roles etc) with peer group in industry to get an idea of the size of the problem. Talent strategy can be a long-term thing but in the short-term the high attriition must me addressed, employee engagement (digital) uplifted and more development initiatives put in.

Feel free to send me direct message to discuss in detail as Human Capital is also area of my focus, so can help provide coaching on this.

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Anonymous A on Mar 05, 2021

Thank you

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Hi there,

Overall this looks quite strong! You've structured well and thought through this.

I highly recommend you read through this article. It lays out beautifully the 8 types of questions to be ready for. I advise you to "roleplay" some of these questions. They will all pretty much be regarding any of your points, arguments, etc.:

If you'd like a professional roleplay in this area, feel free to reach out! Very important to get practice in responding to questions on the spot (not via a Q&A where you have time to think!)

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Anonymous A on Mar 05, 2021

Thank you

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replied on Mar 06, 2021
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TBH, well done!

Exhaustive, well structured



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Adi gave the best answer


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