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Sunil asked on Mar 22, 2016
Looking for Case Interview partners. Applying to MBBs

Anyone interested in practicing cases face to face in London? I work in London, so can meet up after work on a regular basis to practice.


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Maria replied on Jan 18, 2017
Looking for solid partners. Preparing for BCG, Deloitte, LEK.

Hi Sunil,

Just saw your post. I m in the process of practising cases too and will be interviewing in a couple of months. I am also London based if you want to team up.



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replied on Mar 25, 2016
Ex-Bain & Company Case Team Leader * Placed 40+ MBB candidates as Partner in Europe's leading top-tier Consulting recruiting firm

I'm London-based and could host a case face to face if you are looking for one of the "experts" for coaching. If not, good luck with your preparation! Regards, Peter

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