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New answer on Jul 05, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Jul 05, 2021

Hello everyone!

I am currently starting my case interview preparation for MBB while working for another consulting firm.

Since I don't have too much extra time on my hands I would love to use my commute time profitably to improve my case skills. Does anyone know some good podcasts that I could listen to while driving to work?

The ones I found on my own are a little bit generic and talk a lot about business or consulting in general. What I am looking for is something specific and laser-focused on case preparation.

Do you know any podcast like that? Or alternatively, any suggestion of what I can do in those two hours of daily commute?

Thanks for your answers!

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replied on Jul 05, 2021
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Hi there,

I actually think this is a great idea - you're maximing the time you can!

I'd highly recommend the Prof G Show. If you can get past the bavado of Scott Gallaway, he talks a lot about market dynamics/strategy that can apply in cases (for example, he predicted Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods and discussed why it made sense from a synergies perspective). Specifically, look for podcasts where he brings in guest speak Aswath Damodaran.

A few other good ones:

  • Robinhood Snacks
  • Money Talks
  • Freakonomics
  • Planet Money
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replied on Jul 05, 2021
Accenture, Deloitte | Precision Case Prep | Experienced Interviewer & Career Coach | 15 years professional experience

I dont know of any podcasts and even if there are some, I personally really dont think they will be effective. Cases are learnt best with in-person practice. Its great that you want to optimise your time but reading a case book will be more effective than listening to a podcast or a video.

A better use of time woud be to get on the phone with a willing friend/case partner and discuss your approach, strategy, improvements etc etc. See how feasible this is during the weekly commute.

Dont worry too much and dont overthink it. Make a plan and stick with it. Many people successfully do this after work hours and on weekends. Focus less on the outcome and more on the process of learning & cracking the case. Good things will happen.

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replied on Jul 05, 2021
Bain | passed >15 MBB interviews as a candidate

I don't know any good prep podcasts, but I think Victor Cheng's videos are a good substitute.

Some coaches disagree with this statement, but I'm a firm believer that case interviewing is a pretty static field. It's not great if you're in the business of selling new case prep books and coaching sessions, but what worked 10 years ago still works today. His videos are not using any visuals or graphics, so you can easily consume the audio only.

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MBB | 100% personal interview success rate (8/8) and 95% candidate success rate | Personalized interview prep
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