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case interview

Web analyst case interview
Recent activity on Nov 04, 2016
4 Answers
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Anonymous A asked on Nov 02, 2016

Hi everyone,I have passed the first interview and now I am called for case interview next week.The job is a web analyst, and I have never had experience on that from before. So I am a bit curious on what type of case interview are they going to give me.Can someone give me some information about how its going to be. NB: I have never had any case interview from before either.

Thank you

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Content Creator
replied on Nov 04, 2016
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Hi Anonymous,

as Dolf mentioned, the information you provided is a bit too vague to define which type of case interview you are going to have. In general terms, a case interview is defined as three major areas:

  1. Fit questions (eg Why do you want to work for our company?)
  2. Case (eg Your client wants to increase revenues using online channels, what would you suggest him to do?)
  3. Your questions at the end for the interviewer.

The general process usually takes 45 minutes: 5-10 minutes for the fit part, 30-35 minutes for the case, 5 for the final questions.

The best way to understand how the interview will be structured in your particular case would be to ask the HR manager information about the process and if there is any recommended material for the preparation. If they generally refer to a case interview, it is likely you will follow the previous mentioned steps.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.



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Anonymous replied on Nov 04, 2016

Hi, I would suspect that the "case" part of the case interview will then be a real life example of one of the firm's clients. Example could be: "Luxury fashion company wants to increase digital revenues and asks for an online marketing strategy" or similar, and you are asked to develop a solution about how you would go about it.

Basically, it will resemble the actual task you will be doing once you start working for the firm.

In addition to Francesco's tips, I would also look if you can find more details about the process:

  • Online: Is the Norwegian company part of a larger agency/consulting firm network or corporation? If yes, see if you find anything about their recruiting process in the UK or the US. Chances are, it will be similar.
  • If not, look at their closest competitors who are, and check if you find anything about their recruiting processes. Typically, processes tend to be similar within an industry.
  • Lastly, try to find someone who is working there now (friend of a friend) - linkedin may help - and see if you can get an intro to that person to learn about the process.

I would try to find out as much as possible. All the best!

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Anonymous A replied on Nov 03, 2016

Thank you for your reply.

the company is located in Norway,and it is consultinf firm mainly doing digital marketing.

I have looked in the internet but I couldn't find something related to that.

Thank you.

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Anonymous replied on Nov 02, 2016

Hi, first of all, congrats!

A "case interview" can be really different depending on context. Is it a professional service / consulting firm? Or a media agency? Which country? In general, I would recommend searching online first.

Happy to help if I know more!

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Francesco gave the best answer


Content Creator
#1 Coach for Sessions (4.500+) | 1.500+ 5-Star Reviews | Proven Success (➡ | Ex BCG | 10Y+ Coaching
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