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New answer on Nov 19, 2023
5 Answers
gaia londei asked on Nov 15, 2023

Hello everyone, 

I am preparing for my  interviews at several  consulting firms. I already prepared many cases from older casebooks but I would be  grateful if anyone can share with me  casebooks from wharton 2019 to 2023  because I am finding it very difficult to find them online. 

Thank you so much in advance!!!

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Best answer
replied on Nov 15, 2023
MBB & Tier2 preparation | 85+ offers | 7 years coaching | 2000+ sessions | PDF reviews attached

Hey Gaia,

I think I already wrote this in a previous thread, but still: doing cases from case books on your own is a bad preparation strategy. It lacks the essential component: quality feedback.

To progress quickly, I suggest you take this approach (in the following order):

1. Getting coaching when you are a complete beginner to learn the basics;

2. After you've learned the basics, practice cases with peers to polish your case solving process and acquire understanding of a wide range of industries and problem types;

3. Before the interview, ask a few acting consultants to give you cases in a mock-interview format to assess your readiness.


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Content Creator
replied on Nov 15, 2023
ex Jr. Partner McKinsey |Senior Interviewer| Real Feedback & Free Homework between sessions|Harvard Coach|10+ Experience

Is there a particular reason you are looking for them? It appears you have studied already quite a few cases from other books. Just a friendly tip, it's not the masses of cases you have cracked before, it is the quality and feedback you received along the journey. Feel free to ping me for a free coffee chat so I can give you a quick readiness check. Warm regards, Freddy 

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Content Creator
replied on Nov 19, 2023
Ex-McKinsey Associate Partner | +15 years in consulting | +200 McKinsey 1st & 2nd round interviews

Hi there,

Sticking only to casebooks is not the most efficient strategy to prepare interviews. Get some action and real feedback from peers or a coach to prepare more effectively.

Happy to keep talking about this in private, just send me a message.



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Content Creator
replied on Nov 16, 2023
#1 BCG coach | MBB | Tier 2 | Digital, Tech, Platinion | 100% personal success rate (8/8) | 95% candidate success rate
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replied on Nov 15, 2023
#1 rated MBB & McKinsey Coach


Feel free to reach out. I can share some recent ones.

Good luck!


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gaia londei on Nov 19, 2023

thank you Cristian for your help!! Never judging without understanding the situation and always sharing recent mba case books that you cant find online.


Nikita gave the best answer


CoachingPlus Expert
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MBB & Tier2 preparation | 85+ offers | 7 years coaching | 2000+ sessions | PDF reviews attached
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