Capgemini Invent vs KPMG Strategy Group

Harry asked on Jul 28, 2019


I have recently been offered jobs at two companies: Capgemini Invent (Insights Driven Enterprise Department) and KPMG (Strategy Group). The Capgemini offer focuses on digital strategy and brings technology, data anaytics and technology together under the strategy hat. The company seems to be growing very fast. The KPMG offer is perhaps more reputable and has a "general", less specialised strategy line surrounding growth, turnaround, equity carveouts and M&As. Obviously, these offers differentiate themselves professionally, but I was wondering if anyone could give me information on the reputation, working style, opportunities and strategy abilities of these companies, preferrably from people who have worked in either of these departments. Which job do you think is better for a future career in strategy consultancy?

Thanks a lot for your input.