Can you apply to two different offices of the same firm at the same time?

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Anonymous A asked on Aug 11, 2017

I've got an interview setup with BCG in one city, but would like to apply to another BCG office at the same time. Does anyone have insight into this?

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replied on Aug 14, 2017
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Hi Anonymous,

adding one point to Vlad’s answer, if you have already set up the meeting in one office, it doesn’t make sense to reapply for another office at this time. In case you have preferences for the other office, the best option for you at this stage would be then to concentrate on your current interview and after a certain period of time (minimum 1 year) start to network to understand if there are options for relocation.

Also please consider that if the second office is in another country where you do not have a connection (previous working or studying experience or connections with local consultants) it will be more difficult to be considered for an interview, as they will likely give priority to local candidates.

Hope this helps,


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replied on Aug 11, 2017
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Short answer - You can't have interview at both.

What you can do - select your office preferences (1,2,3) if you have legal authorization to work in these countries.Then they will allocate you based on there demand in staff.


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