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Can I use the BCG matrix in case interviews with other consultancy companies?

Anonymous A
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Francesco replied on 05/21/2017
#1 Expert for coaching sessions (1800+) | Ex BCG | 900+ reviews with 100% recommendation rate

Hi Anonymous,

you can use standard frameworks such as the BCG matrix in interviews, however:

  1. It would be better to focus on the content of the framework without mentioning the name. If you refer to a specific name such as “BCG matrix”, the interviewer will think you have just memorized something and repeated it.
  2. You should personalize the framework to the specific of the case. The best way to do so would be to specify WHY you would like to use that particular framework.

As an example:

  • Bad: I would like to apply the BCG matrix here
  • Good: In order to understand better our client portfolio and how to generate additional €5M in revenues, I would like to analyse the positioning of each segment considering the growth rate and market share.

Hope this helps,

replied on 05/23/2017
Ex-Accenture Strategy Consultant, Career Coach (5yrs)


Yes you can, like Francesco has mentioned - it is better not to mention BCG if it is a different company. They are looking for structure and thought process so remember if you do use the matrix - you need to add analysis and your own recommendation or next steps for the company to stand out.

Think about it this way - every candidate has this structure, how will you make your answer interesting and memorable?

My advice is use the framework as base, but add your thoughts and industry insights to stand out.

Vlad replied on 05/21/2017
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Of course, you can Just call it "Matrix"

Anonymous B replied on 05/20/2017

I am not sure if you can really impress your interviewer when using a BCG Matrix. So, I would recommend you to use it, you can use the theory of the BCG matrix but there is no need to make a reference to it. Good luck!

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