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Call from recruiter McKinsey / Application Categorization

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I have emailed one of the managing partners at McKinsey and he passed my email to the recruiter to fix a time to connect. I will receive the call in 2 weeks.

- Any advises ?

I actually have 3 years experience at one of top automotive industries in USA (Top 3) and a masters degree (high grades). Currently I work full time as a professional engineer and I am pursuing my PhD in Engineering at the same time(expected graduation is 2019). While I fall under two categories experienced professional and advanced degree at the same time I do not know how the recruiting team would approach the application. I applied to an associate position.

- Will they exempt me from taking the PST?

BCG has seen my application as a PHD student only and they said they won’t consider it this year given that I have put graduation date (2020) when I applied. I tried to clarify it to the recruiter but I have not has any reply!

Thanks ,

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Tyrion Lannister replied on 07/10/2018

There is only one Managing Partner at McKinsey at any given time, and it's unlikely he's passing your e-mails around. Perhaps you meant one of the Senior Partners of Partners or Associate Partners?

In any case, I would expect you would be required to take the PST. My limited experience in this matter is that the PST requirement is more a function of office and not of candidate's tenure.

I believe you will be considered as for an Associate position, i.e., more senior than a Fellow/Junior Associate position.

When you ask for advice, could you clarify whether you had other queries in mind not addressed in the responses to-date?

Vlad replied on 06/28/2018
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In McKinsey they might give you either Associate or Fellow Associate role depending on your interview performance and the situation in the particular office. I think the chances are higher to get an associate role. Experienced Hire is more of an informal definition and it's less important in that case.

With PST it's unpredictable since there is no strict rule about this. But with just 3 years of experience, most probably you'll have to write it.


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