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Anonymous A asked on Oct 15, 2019

Dear PrepLounge community,

As I look through different applications to consulting companies, I come across a requirement for a writing sample of business acumen. The length would vary from 3 paragraphs up to 5 pages. As a Life Sciences graduate student, I have a problem in identifying what a proper sample would look like and the expected formatting. Any do's and don'ts or general tips will be greatly appriciated!


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Anonymous replied on Oct 26, 2019

Hi Gosia,

Business acumen related questions can be confusing, particularly if you do not have a business school background (I was also in your position). Not to worry, essentially you are being asked to show how you reacted in a business context. First, I would go for 3/4 paragraphs rather than 5 pages. Nobody has time to read 5 pages for each applicant. Second, I would try to find a situation where something remained unexplained in a given situation and you sought to provide a direction for the enquiry and next steps. Your rationale for going in direction A or B is what’s going to define your business acumen. To nail your writting sample, you need to show that you are capable of balancing company, customer and market perspectives with appropriate weights.

I hope this help and do no hesitate should you have additional questions.


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