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Is that worth to take a job at no name company/startup with higher pay in 20/30% (data science sphere) vs brand name company like P&G

Given i already have brand name internships, goal is to break MBB later on, once my ban expires.


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The question you need to ask is this: in which job will you get more responsibilities, more opportunities to prove yourself and more exposure to the senior management? I would go for a position in a small team where as a junior team member you can make a real difference. This kind of experience you can then really sell to MBB as your value proposition. On the contrary, if you work in a big team with hierarchical structures and little exposure beyond your immediate boss – this will be a hardly unique growth experience. So, in a nut shell: think of which one of those will be more exciting for you and which one will boost your professional development more and go for it. As regards the function it doesn't really matter that much.

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In my view the pay is irrelevant (as long as it is enough to cover your expenses of course). The only relevant criterion is whether the particular job option will open up opportunities towards your actual career objectives. So if you already know that you want to take the job just as a bridge towards MBB, then P&G is most probably the better option (unless you want to opt for a data science position at MBB and the P&G job is distant from that area?).

Cheers, Sidi

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You get hired ultimately for what you know and your skillset. Since employers can never fully know that beforehand, they use your past work experience as the closest approximation for that knowledge. Wherever you go make sure that the role at the firm is meaningful and anyone that looks at your resume will be able to clearly identify what you bring to the table.

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Hello Micheal,

In my opinion, salary is the last thing to be considered for your first job. Making the right choice will make you to have a faster career and to achieve far higher salaries than the ones that you can receive today.
Considering your case I would evaluate 2 points:

  • What is the role that you would have in the startup?
  • What are the possibilities to grow? Do you believe in the projects?

If you believe in the project and you would have a role with high responsibilities that you can "sell" in your MBB interviews, I would consider that option. Otherwise, a company with a strong brand name is better.



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In most cases, salary is no the most important thing, particularly at junior positions.

What should ask yourself is what your goals are, both medium and long term. Based on that, you can choose.

A priori and without knowing anything else, I would say that PG´s name has a lot of advantages: brand, the know-how you will learn in a well-functioning company, network, exist opportunities... But again, most important thing is to see what aligns best with your goals.

Hope it helps!



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If your main goal is MBB I would consider the brand name option. It will boost your CV for a future application


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Hi Michael,

just based on the information you shared, a strategy position at P&G would probably be more beneficial for MBB, unless you want to target a data science role there. I would also take into account how much you like the company culture – no reasons to take the P&G role if you really don’t feel you fit the culture there.

In general, though, the best option to land in MBB would be a second-tier consulting company – if not done already I would recommend to apply there.



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