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Anonymous A asked on Jul 18, 2020

Hi there! Can you guys give me some insight regarding worked at boutique consulting? I got an offer from #1 boutique consulting in my country - Indonesia. They even worked to help MBB to some cases (to lead some initiative in their projects). Maybe my specific questions were:

1) How is the learning curve in the boutique consulting compared to MBB/Tier 2 asking (S&, RB, Oliver)? How far? Because sometimes working in a small company has better learning than big companies (please correct me if I'm wrong)

2) How is the exit opportunity?

Because I find the case interview is far more manageable (because before I applied to this company, I was an intern in BCG and sometimes practice the case interview). I'm afraid the learning curve is not as good as tier1/tier2 consulting companies (Good I mean like learning in dog years).

Just for your information, this boutique company is quite young (20+ years old), but they already dominate in my local consulting industry. The owner also ex MBB.


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updated an answer on Jul 19, 2020
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Hi there,

I think you should add again the text in the description – it was probably not saved when you posted the question.


EDIT: answering the questions now that are visible:

  1. The learning curve could definitely be steep – but it strongly depends on the company. Also, in the long term the real benefit of consulting is more in the brand name than anything else – a boutique could be significantly less attractive in that sense (see point 2)
  2. Boutiques don’t offer the same opportunities as MBB and Tier 2. On the other hand, you may check how frequently people in that company move to MBB or Tier 2 – you may be able to switch in some years. Also, a boutique may have a strong focus on a sector you love – that could become an advantage for exits in that area

In short, if it is possible to switch to MBB/Tier 2 later on, you don’t have other options in the short term and you like the people/sectors covered, joining could definitely make sense.

Hope this helps,



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Anonymous A on Jul 19, 2020

Thanks Fransesco! Already edited!

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Hi there!


1) Honestly, it depends. It depends on which companies we're comparing. It depends on what vertical you go into. Which Partners take you under their wing. What opportunities you chase etc. etc.

I would say that, in general, consulting of all types has a super high propensity to rapid learning, regardless of the company

2) Exit opportunities will assuredly not be as vast as when leaving MBB, particularly international opportunities. Brand matters. Name/prestige on your resume is half of the exit opportunity. However, that's not to say your company won't have them. If they are well respected, especially in Indonesia, and it is led by an ex-MBBer, I'm sure opportunities will come your way :)


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Anonymous A on Jul 19, 2020

Just realize. Thanks Ian!

Anonymous replied on Jul 22, 2020

Dear A,

I was also starting my consulting career in a boutique firm, which was leading in consulting in 4 financial srvices in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe.

Regarding your question. First of all, the learning curve could be quite stip, because in comparison with MBB and Tier 2 consulting company like Roland Berger, Strategy& or others you've mentioned. This is also due to the fact that you would be able to take more responsibility sooner. However the pay is less and exit options are more limited compared to the other big players, especially, if you want to look for job not in the local market but also internationally.

I think, this is a great opportunity to start your career in consultin and after 2-3 years you can always switch to one of the biggest players as I did at the beginning of my career.

If you need any particular career advice, drop me a line. I'm happy to share my experience.



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replied on Jul 20, 2020
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My two cents:

  1. Will be steep, particularly compared to the industry, but probable less high-paced compared to MBB.
  2. For sure good, particularly since you say it´s the #1 boutique in Indonesia. However, it will be more narrowed than MBB, towards the industry here this boutique is leader, and mainly among their clients.

Hope it helps!



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Francesco gave the best answer


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