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Anonymous A asked on Nov 07, 2017 - 1 answer

Hi! Soon I'll be having an interview with Bosch Inhouse Consulting for an internship. Can anyone share their experience with the interview process?

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Anonymous B replied on Dec 22, 2017


I guess you already had your interview? but let me share my experience anyway as I've recently completed my internship at Bosch Inhouse Consulting:

During the interview I had to solve a small case study which took around 20-30mins. Overall the interview lasted about 1.5hour, the rest was more or less personal fit. It was the same for the other interns. For the ones who couldn't make it to the office because they were abroad, the interview took place via phone.

I had a great experience doing my internship with bosch inhouse. Quickly I got to visit the client and received interesting tasks. The atmosphere with the colleagues was great and they have a lot of knowledge you can benefit from.

I hope this helps you anyway. Let me know how your interview was!

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