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Anonymous A asked on Apr 23, 2021

Just received my offer yesterday and so excited to start my studies there next academic year! I'm well aware that Bocconi is a big name in Europe generally, but I'm not sure how many make it to London (specifically tier-2 firms). Would genuinely appreciate some insight. A few important notes:

• my undergrad degree wasn't from an EU university, and I'm really concerned about that issue

• undergrad GPA isn't competitive, however my GMAT score is in the 97th percentile. Moreover, I passed CFA level 1

Thank you in advance :)


on Apr 24, 2021
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on Apr 24, 2021
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Hi there,

Congratulations on the IM acceptance – it’s a competitive master.

Most people who speak Italian that do Bocconi and target London start first in Itay and move to London later on, given it is more competitive. However, it is not impossible to target London directly – just more difficult.

I would work hard to be sure you have a great GPA to compensate for your undergrad and look for a referral. You can find more on referrals at the link below:



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You have a good sufficient background, so I believe that it will not be impossible for you to apply directly to London. However, during your studies at Bocconi, try to increase your chances: you can start networking now already, and as Francesco mentioned, do not underestimate the importance of referrals!

I hope you will get it!


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with that background, I am pretty sure you are definitely able to pass the CV screen checks with all consulting firms. Don't overthink it, gain relevant experience (e.g. internships) and just apply. I think your chances are great!



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Hi there,

I agree with Francesco - it's absolutely do-able just difficult (but what in the industry is "easy" after all!)

I also agree that you'll want to network extensively to maximize your odds. Finally, remove your GPA from undergrad if it's quite weak.

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Francesco gave the best answer


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