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Anonymous A asked on Jul 31, 2021

What benefits do entry-level consultants have at ECON and is there anything that is unique or different compared to other companies?

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Anna-Lena updated an answer on Aug 04, 2021
E.ON Inhouse Consulting

Hi there, 

we do not make any difference between junior/senior hires and have a wide range of benefits: From “typical” consulting perks such as a comprehensive training program providing a steep learning curve (also through individual coaching), to up to 12 days additional vacation budget, up to date hardware such as the newest iPhone and iPad, and a monthly mobility credit, we also have the advantage of being able to offer many benefits from the group. Those would be, for instance, a company pension plan, free access to the campus gym, postal, bank, laundry and shoe services and free parking, just to name a few.


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