BCG vs. McKinsey - who wins?

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Anonymous A asked on Dec 27, 2017

Who would you say "wins" regarding

  • projects,
  • international opportunities,
  • corporate culture (company parties, activities, general environment),
  • work-life-balance?

I recently read an interesting discussion on this and would love to hear your point of view.

  • Plus: I've heard that there's a stereoptype that BCG is more creative and "cool" compared to McK which has a more competitive environment. Do you agree?

I'm aware that this is a very subjective question, but nontheless I would appreciate your opinions and insights! Thanks in advance :)

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replied on Dec 27, 2017


I don't think you will be able to find absolute answers for any of your questions. However, would like to share my personal view (based on experience) on a few of these topics

  • Both firms are really global, with offices all around the world and lot of opportunities to undertake international projects if you want
  • From personal experience, work-life balance tends to be a more of a country-specific standard rather than McKinsey vs. BCG (e.g., had a great lifestyle in McK Australia; Portugal, Spain or Italy are very well known for theyr quite aggressve lifestyles for both McK and BCG)
  • Despite the "generalized perception" on McKinsey environment, which is often described as competitive and though to work on, all my experience stands for the opposite: super friendly and cooperative environment, where you are really encouraged to ask for help from all tenure colleagues (from the youngest Analyst to the most experienced Senior Partner) and where the success of everyone is tightly linked to each other
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joshie on Oct 30, 2019

genuinely curious - what does "aggressive lifestyle" mean?

replied on Jan 14, 2018
Google Product Manager | Ex- BCG Consultant | References Available

Hi there

Thought I would add the BCG perspective in addition to Bruno's perspective (totally agreed with his point 1 and 2 btw).

BCG, from my personal experience

- Fantastic set of cases - all complex, CEO agenda stuff. BCG is currently investing heavily in digital with its new BCG Digital Ventures offering. I worked with BCG DV for 70% of my time at BCG, their projects are typically about building new products or new businesses for clients - super interesting stuff and a very different consulting experience to typical BCG cases for sure.

- International opportunity - yes, plenty. Although tends to be "in region", e.g., if you were in Australia, there are plenty of opportunities around Asia Pacific, and less so for North America.

- Culture - very strong, very people oriented. There is definitely a "BCG way of thinking" and you find that consistency across offices, which makes the culture very strong.

- Work/life balance - as with all top tier, high performance environments, you cannot expect at 9-5 job. I've had periods of relaxed pace and also periods of intensity. There are specific BCG programs to drive better balance (e.g., PTO), which you can find a lot of public info about. I found these programs received a lot of leadership attention when I was at BCG and sustainability was taken seriously.

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joshie on Oct 30, 2019

what is the 'BCG way of thinking'?

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replied on Nov 27, 2020
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I would say both do, the perception varies from one person to another, all you will see is a mix of different opinions from people with their own path, backgrounds, beliefs and so on, so you've answered it yourself.
Both BCG and McKinsey are global and offer a wide range of opportunities.
As for the key points like projects, their website would tell you the basics.


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Anonymous B replied on Oct 26, 2019

Both firms are a lot more similar than different. People like talking about the difference as it is more interesting but I would say 90% is same. Very smart people in both doing similar work and working long hours.

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updated an answer on Sep 05, 2021
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