BCG Technology Advantage vs. Generalist

Anonymous A asked on Dec 18, 2018


I've recently gotten an offer for BCG Tech Advantage practice in Europe. I was wondering if:

1. I wanted to work on more generalist projects, would I be able to transition or work on things not direclty related to tech (e.g. growth strategy, due dilligence, M&A etc.)

2. I know there is a seperate staffing manager but do they restrict you from looking into other cases? How much flexbility do I have in choosing the types of cases early on in the role?

3. Is this practice just as prestigious? I really want to do B-school afterwards and was wondering how the top universities look at this role.

I do like tech projects and I'm thrilled for the new role but I do want to venture out and do more pure strategy cases (atleast 1-2). Would it be more advisable to stick to the script in my first year and then try to venture out?

Thank You :)

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Anonymous B replied on Dec 18, 2018

Hello! I've looked up similar questions on the site a while back, so I'm just really paraphrasing what's already available in the Q&A–feel free use the BCG Technology Advantage tag.

First off, congratulations!

Second off:
1. You would be able to work on them for sure, but I don't know about switching out of a practice–nor quite frankly see why you would want that, as BCG TA is the fastest growing practice in the firm.
2. I would say minimal. Early on, you're 1Y on the record, and project leaders/principals aren't particularly competing over you. Once you prove yourself in the firm, your name will spread like wildfire. At that point, you get to share interests with the PLs/Ps you stay in touch with to implicitly position yourself for the upcoming projects (keyphrase though: prove yourself).
3. Yes, some might even claim that in that whole already-prestigious segment (i.e. BCG), TA is on track to be the cream of the crop. For your B-school inquiry: at the end of the day, "you're too expensive to be given boring work." BCG is a strategy consulting firm, it's in their green blood to be strategic, which business schools love.

I hope this helps! And best of luck with your endeavor. :)

Vlad replied on Dec 18, 2018
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Huge congrats with the offer!

1) Yes you can, absolutely no problem with that

2) No, they don't restrict, however, will have a final word. Your flexibility depends on your performance. The more a superstar you are the more flexibility you have

3) This is superprestigious. I would say it is more prestigious than the generalist role nowadays.

I think you have a poor understanding of how consulting works. Even as a generalist you will never be able to do only strategic projects. Pls stop thinking about it since it's something completely unimportant. What's important is your performance and relations with people. Again, in consulting it's important not What you are doing but with Whom and How you are doing it. You will always have a mix of projects and its a matter of luck much more than anything else.