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BCG one way video interview questions

BCG bcgtest Interview
New answer on Jul 19, 2019
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Ezzat asked on Jul 18, 2019

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replied on Jul 19, 2019
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Hi Ezzat,

the answer may depend on the office you are targeting, but in general BCG video interview questions tend to be focused on:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why BCG
  • General question on the current economic environment

Besides that, I would prepare on the standard fit questions; some of the most common ones include:

  • Why consulting
  • Give me an example when you led/had to work in a team
  • Tell me about a time when you had to convince someone not agreeing with you
  • What has been your major achievement so far
  • Why should we hire you



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Anonymous updated the answer on Jul 18, 2019

Hi Ezzat,

Congratulations on the video interview! Please just think of it as a normal fit interview, but with a screen and a webcam (rather than a real person) being your interviewer.

The questions that will be asked during a one-way video interview should be similar to those asked in a typical fit interview. You can find lists of such questions online. Here are some examples:


In terms of preparation, here are a few tips:

  1. Just prepare as you normally would for a standard fit interivew. Make sure that you know how to answer the most common questions (google them or refer to the links above).
  2. Practice your answers with a friend or an expert, and have them give you feedback on how you can potentially improve. The key here is to practice with someone other than yourself.
  3. Video record yourself answering a few questions and review those videos. It would be helpful if some of these questions are unexpected, so you get to see yourself being caught off guard. When revewing the videos, watch out for two things:
    • Is your story (or the way you are telling your story) engaging? If not, fix it.
    • Is there any problem with your eye contact (yes, with the webcam), facial expession, body position and hand gestures? Certain movements that are considered perfectly normal in a face-to-face conversation can look weird in a video.

Hope this helps. Feel free to message me if you would like to discuss further.


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Originally answered question:

BCG Round 1 Video Interview Tips

replied on Nov 10, 2017
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A video interview is a bit harder since you have less personal contact.

I would provide some general recommendations:

  1. First of all, check whether they are providing a conference room in a local office
  2. If not - find a place with good internet speed and test it multiple times before the interview. Also, think of nice room / proper light for the video conference if you do it from home
  3. You should be dressed the same as for the regular interview
  4. Don't hesitate to ask clarifying questions if there are problems with connection or you were not able to hear something
  5. Don't forget to look at the camera and smile - same as you do on a regular interview


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Francesco gave the best answer


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