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BCG Case Interview Help needed

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Recent activity on Mar 31, 2016
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Shirin asked on Mar 15, 2016
Looking for experienced and serious case buddies

Hi everyone, I am very new to case cracking but have an interview in May at BCG and need to practice with someone. I am offering the "interview bible" by Management Consulted in exchange, and of course I'd like to help you out with your interview prep. Language can be either in English or German.

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Anonymous A replied on Mar 31, 2016

hi is anyone asked to do BCG online test?

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Iynna replied on Mar 18, 2016

Hi Shirin,

I am very interested in casign with you too! I have sent you an email too, if you have anymoment let's schedule a skype/Hangout :-)

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Viktoria replied on Mar 17, 2016

Hi Shirin, I am having an interview with BCG in 2 weeks and would be happy to practive with you. I am very new to caseinterviews as well. Pls let me know if you are interested. I am flexible in terms of time. My email is viktoria.b at, Thx Vik

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Anna replied on Mar 16, 2016

Hi Shirin,

I also have an interview at BCG next month and I'm VERY new to cases. Would love to work with you. We can schedule a Skype session.

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Riccardo replied on Mar 15, 2016

Hi Shrin, I am also doing the preparation for business cases and I would like to schedule a few simulations if you would like. at what stage of the preparation are you at? have you prepared the frameworks yet? We can schedule a skype/facebook video chat in the next days, let me know.


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