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Hi all

I have about 5 years of industry experience in 2 industries. When I apply to BCG, what options do I have?

I know they have Expert and General track. Would I be eligible to both?

If so, what are the pros and cons of each?

thank you.

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Anonymous B replied on Jun 21, 2019


from a recent recruitment event, I understood the following:

  • new hires (after completing a masters degree for example) are usually a generalist for a few years, but you are really responsible for the types of projects you want to do
  • you are obligated to pick one of their practices or industries at the very last once you are promoted to project leader (along their matrix)

Matrix Setup (how the company is organized, which practices exist):

  • generally, they are organized in industries (e.g. pharma/healthcare, industrial goods) and practice fields (e.g. strategy, operations, etc.)
  • Project are usually at one if not more of the intersections of these practices

What are your options if you are unsure about which practice or industry you want to go into or are a mature hire?

  • Once you enter, they presented three paths you can take (for your first year, I believe as part of being a generalist):
    • Diversity: If you want to experience multiple projects in different industries and practices this is the one
    • Expert: if you are set on an industry or practice and want to gain as much experience as possible in this field, choose this one
    • International: If you want to be staffed on projects in different countries, regardless of which type (usually a diverse mix, too), then this option is for you

During and after, you will be responsible for your own staffing (i.e. reaching out to project leaders/partners who have sold a certain project), so are pretty much in charge of which type of projects you are doing regardless of whether or not you are able to do the three tracks that I layed out.

Again, this is just what I remember them telling us, so don't quote me on it, but it should give you a first idea. Signing up for 'Backstage' events near you is a good way to learn about these things, though!

All the best :)

replied on Jun 21, 2019
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It depends on how many years you have in a particular industry. I would say that if you have less than 3.5 years in an industry / function - apply as a generalist

Generalist track in most of the cases will have faster growth and more options and opportunities. The only exception is any Digital track - these topics are booming now


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