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Bain Italy

Bain BCG Mck
New answer on Nov 02, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Nov 01, 2019


I wanted to know more about Bain in Italy, as I could not find much on the internet. What are their areas of strength and how are they doing with respect to McK and BCG Italy? How is the culture in the Italian office, what are the most common industries and project types and are there many international projects?

I am sorry for the many questions, any answer is really appreciated, thanks in advance! :)


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updated an answer on Nov 01, 2019
Former Bain (4+ years, UK & Italy) | Ardian (France) | Specialized in Case Structuring, Case Cracking and Non-verbal Comm.


I have been working for more than 4 years at Bain Italy (Milan office), including a 6 months transfer to the London office. I got into Bain straight out after university and it has been a very rewarding experience, both in terms of professional and personal growth.

Bain is currently positioned to serve all range of clients (private equity, fashion & luxury, financial services, utilities, oil & gas, telco, retail, consumer goods, aerospace, financial services...), running projects both at the strategic and operational level, with a strong bottom-up approach (=> ability to work across the organization, engaging executives and their operating teams on a regular basis).

Projects types include:
- Strategic / Industrial plans
- Company due diligences
- New Markets / Sales Boost
- Digital Transformation
- Customer Experience Redesign
- ... and many many others

Personally, I didn't focus on a specific industry until the last 2 years of my career. I had the chance to rotate across multiple teams and learn how to work with different managers and partners. Other colleagues, instead, joined Bain with a strong preference for an industry and specialized earlier.

International projects exist (mainly Europe, but also Middle East or Asia). Most of the cases, the need for an international project could rise from an Italian client (e.g. need to open a new branch in a new continent, ...) or to share expertise (e.g. Paris office might need Italian colleagues, who are already expert on a specific topic, to support another team working on a French client).

Culturally speaking, Bain Italy today counts around 470 employees, split between Rome and Milan. The company culture is very entrepreneurial, with a strong focus on results delivery. Rotating across multiple industries gave me the chance to make many friends with whom I still keep in touch today.

Latest news:

Bain Milan will move his office from the historical Via Crocefisso to Piazza Cordusio starting from next year. The new office will also host a new Digital Innovation Hub. For more info:

For more info about the history of Bain and its future plans, I suggest you to read this article:

Hope this gave you a bit more clarity! If you liked this post, I would appreciate your upvote. If you need further help, happy to schedule a call.

Good luck with your preparation!


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Content Creator
replied on Nov 02, 2019
McKinsey | NASA | top 10 FT MBA professor for consulting interviews | 6+ years of coaching

only a few points in addition to the good overview of Federico. In Italy, Bain is leader in Gaming, Fashion & Luxury practices. Differently from McK and BCG it also serves small companies and startup and - especially in this case - it can be less structured in staffing, leaving more responsibility to junior consultants.

Feel free to PM for other insights on culture and life in Italian offices.


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