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Bain & Company HireVue & Multiple Choice First Round for SE Asia - Associate Consultant

Bain Bain & Company South east asia video interview
New answer on Nov 01, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Oct 29, 2019

Hello All,

I would love some help to prepare for this interview.

Here is the structure:

The pre-screening test comprise of the following two parts:

  • A 25 multiple-choice questions test which will give you a first-hand experience on practical Bain casework as the test is based on modified Bain cases and designed to assess your approach to problem solving (i.e. strategic thinking and deductive reasoning); and

  • A video interview consisting of three questions designed to assess your business judgement and thought proces

Anyone familiar with this or have gone through it? Thank you for the help.

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Anonymous C replied on Oct 30, 2019

Agree with what Anon B is saying, the PST is, in my opinion, a lot easier than the McK PST. If you have practiced religiously for the McK PST, you will find this test a breeze. The questions are along the lines of: chart interpretation (but nothing too difficult) and if you were to do this analysis what would be the order (tricky).

The vid interviews are strange (I have never done it before) but actually pretty easy. You get two behavioral questions that you need to deliver in 3 mins (I think) and you have 5 mins to prepare. The only tricky part is to deliver it exactly in three mins without getting cut.

The last vid interview is on business case. Mine was slightly unusual but they're only testing your logic and structuring. If you have studied for case interviews, again you will be fine.

I didnt feel great after the interview - I was overtime in my vid interviews and receive invitation for next interview anyway. My guess is that people dont do too well either in vid interviews, so it's not bad. Just a weird experience.

Then to prepare:

- McK PST --> try to get 80% just so that you are confident on that day

- Time yourself doing the responses in front of the mirror - you will be looking at yourself in the interview process

- Brush up your structuring skills, and a bit of hypothesis testing.

Good luck!

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Anonymous D on Oct 30, 2019

Are there negative points for the MCQ? could not get the answer anywhere.

Anonymous C on Oct 30, 2019

Sorry dunno about that. But I did attempt all the questions...

Anonymous B updated the answer on Oct 30, 2019

I have passed this test in the past. The format is very similar to the McKinsey PST, but the questions are a lot easier. There are 25 questions divided into 3 cases. The questions are mostly about logic and structure. There are only a few math questions, but the calculations are more simple that those in the PST. Just practice with the PST and you will be fine.


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Anonymous C on Oct 30, 2019

Are there negative points for the MCQ? could not get the answer anywhere.

Anonymous E replied on Nov 01, 2020

This is interesting, I got the assessment as well for the same position in SEA but there's no mention of a video interview. Just 25 MCQ questions in 50 minutes.

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Anonymous E on Nov 01, 2020

Its even mentioned that "there is no need to do a video interview at this stage"

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