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Anonymous A asked on Apr 19, 2021

What type of background checks do MBB companies do? Do they ask about the ratings and reviews of new hires at the prior employer?

on Apr 30, 2021
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on Apr 30, 2021
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Hi there,

Background checks are basically to confirm dates of employment and also whether there is any criminal record. I think it's illegal for an employer to share any ratings or reviews, with anybody else.

Also, since they only go through the trouble of doing a background check after they are ready to make an offer, meaning that you've done well in all the interviews, they'll never change their minds because of a bad rating at a previous employer, or even what your reason was for departing that employer. If they find out you lied, however, it may be a different story.

Bottom line, if you told the truth, and don't have a record, you have nothing to worry about.

Hope that helps,


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Hey there,

The purpose of the background check is solely to confirm that the information in your resume is accurate:

  • Employer
  • Position
  • Dates

This also depends on the country and not all MBBs in all countries do this. For instance, in the German-speaking world, official reference letters are very common, which makes background checks obsolete.



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Hi there,

I was contacted by companies doing background checks for some of my previous employees who then worked in consulting.

What these companies normally ask are:

  • Confirmation of period of work
  • Confirmation of title
  • Reason for leaving

That’s it ;). They won’t ask about performance specifically.

The company doing background checks may also conduct research if the candidate has a criminal record. This won’t be asked to former employers though.



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Hi, I confirm they do - through an external dedicated company - a check of dates, companies and grades


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They confirm

  • You worked where you said you did
  • You worked when you said you did
  • You weren't fired/dismissed
  • You did go to the university and at the time you said you did,
  • You got the grades you say you did

They cannot share ratings / performance information

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Hi there,

No, they do not generally ask for ratings/reviews. What they do check is that you worked at the place you said, in the role you've listed, during the dates you've indicated. They also check that you weren't fired for misconduct, negligence, etc.

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