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Anonymous A asked on Mar 03, 2021

Dear All,

1. Anyone familiar with At Kearney Entry level (Campus recruitment) Screening Process ? Can you explain from 1st stage to the last round ?

2.Also, what are unique things about At Kearney South East Asia (Indonesia)? Any particular industry that they are strong at? Any noticeable culture ? Especially something that is different from MBB

Thank you


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replied on Mar 03, 2021
McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut


I would recommend you to talk precisely to the Campus recruiting of your school, they most likely have the information that you need.

For the screening phase, particularly when you have a call with HR, the most important thing is fit.

If you want to deep dive on the topic, the "Integrated FIT guide for MBB" has been recently published in PrepLounge´s shop (

It provides an end-to-end preparation for all three MBB interviews, tackling each firms particularities and combining key concepts review and a hands-on methodology. Following the book, the candidate will prepare his/her stories by practicing with over 50 real questions and leveraging special frameworks and worksheets that guide step-by-step, developed by the author and her experience as a Master in Management professor and coach. Finally, as further guidance, the guide encompasses over 20 examples from real candidates.

Furthermore, you can find 3 free cases in the PrepL case regarding FIT preparation:

Intro and CV questions >

Motivational questions >

Behavioural questions (ENTREPRENEURIAL DRIVE) >

Feel free to PM me for disccount codes for the Integrated FIT Guide, since we still have some left from the launch!

Hope it helps!



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replied on Mar 03, 2021
MBB | 100% personal interview success rate (8/8) and 95% candidate success rate | Personalized interview prep

Hi there,

The main thing you need to worry about for screening is the fit. Make sure you're able to articulate a brief explanation of your past experiences+skills, why you're interested in consulting, and why AT Kearny.

In terms of ATK in Indonesia specifically - if you have time to network do it! This is exactly why we pick up the phone and have chats with people :)

Here are some tips for fit:

Resume walkthrough

  • Needs to be chronological
  • Only keep important details that make you look good (i.e. I worked across 7 industries and rose up the ranks twice in the course of that role)
  • Keep a theme of "why consulting"
    • I.e. at each step you need to show that you both got exposure to aspects of consulting AND thrived + enjoyed them
  • Finish with: And that's why I'm here today looking for consulting with your company

Why Consulting

  • You need to summarize what you did before along the theme of consulting aspects you liked and consulting aspects that were missing
  • You then combine those two - i.e. I know I like + am good at x, y, and z which is required for consulting, and I really am excited to get a, b, and c
  • You finish with a "mini" why x company

Why x company

  • Start with a "mini" why consulting
  • Then have 2-3 reasons why x company is your target
  • Every "reason" needs to incorporate 1) That you know they value x 2) That you not only value x but have exhibited it and done it in the past
  • Be very very mindful of what they want you to want

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replied on Mar 03, 2021
McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews

there are 3 aspects of the application process you have to focus on:

  • CV and cover letter: prepare impactful documents that highlight your achievements, skills, and motivation.
  • Personal Experience Interview - typical on the campus: fit and CV questions to assess your personal impact, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial spirit. You should prepare impactful stories about your experiences that cover these 3 main pillars.
  • Case Interview: typical business case to evaluate your structure in approaching problems, problem-solving skills, and business sense. This is the most time-demanding aspect to work on. I recommend reading Cosentino's Case in point to fix the theory. Then, what will be really important is practicing mock cases with other candidates here on Preplounge.

I have supported hundreds of candidates in achieving multiple offers from consulting firms. Feel free to text me to know my approach.

Hope it helps,

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replied on Mar 04, 2021
#1 Coach for Sessions (4.000+) | 1.400+ 5-Star Reviews | Proven Success (➡ | Ex BCG | 9Y+ Coaching

Hi there,

ATK it is now called Kearney only – if you still have to apply be sure to use that in CV and Cover as would not be that great to have the old name there ;)

I helped a few people for Kearney SEA, please feel free to PM me if you need information.



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replied on Mar 05, 2021
Ex-Mckinsey|Certified Career Coach |Placed 500+ candidates at MBB & other consultancies

Hi there,

The most important thing for the screening part is fit. You should be ready for tell more about your skills and your past experiences. Plus be ready to answer why you are interested in consulting, and why AT Kearny.

Hope it was helpful,

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McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut
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