Are interviews different if you switch amongst consultancies?

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Anonymous A asked on Jan 04, 2020

Hello! I am preparing interviews at McKinsey, but I am not a fresh graduate. I have worked at another global consulting firm for 2 years and have now been offered interviews at McK in an emerging market. I wonder whether these will be in the usual format or if I should expect significant deviations given my background?

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on Jan 06, 2020
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When I switched from BCG to McKinsey (Consultant (BCG) / Associate (McK) level), I was basically facing the identical interview process (apart from the fact that I did not have to do the PST anymore). The difference was rather the standard against which I was rated: there were higher expectations regarding seniority in demeanor, structuring abilty, prioritization, and contextual intuition regarding how to implement certain measures. But the general structure of the interviews was identical.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Sidi

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The process will be identical in terms of process and people who will do it.

The difference will be in the expectations, since you already know what consulting is, so you shoud be a rounded profile in many things tested in the interview (e.g., top-down communication, problem solving, etc.)

Furthermore, they will insist on "why this change" in the FIT part quite a lot.

Hope it helps!

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the process will be the same, expectations will differ: you will have to show advanced top-down communication, problem-solving, and prioritization skills.


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Hello there,

The format of the interview is pretty much the same. There are just 2 points that you have to keep in mind:

  1. McKinsey often use Interviewer Led cases
  2. Fit part will have a key role and will take more time, build a strong story to motivate your change and your willingness to join McK

Hope it helps,

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